Cat Fines Test Kit

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Easy-to-use wet-chemistry test kit that detects catalytic fines to prevent irreparable damage to fuel pumps, injectors, piston rings and liners.
SKU: FG-K30566-KW


Cat Fines centrifuge (1)
Power supply (1)
Reagent Alpha 65ml bottle (1)
Cat Fines Test fluid (25)
Centrifuge vials (50)
Pipettes (25)
Syringes (25)
Safety spectacles (1)
Disposable gloves (200)
Bag ply (1)

The Parker Kittiwake Cat Fines Test Kit is an innovative breakthrough in the early detection of catalytic (cat) fines. In just 15 minutes, the simple onboard test identifies the presence of abrasive silicon and aluminium cat fines, which can cause irreversible damage to a vessel’s fuel system if they become embedded into engine components. The test is a simple-to-use chemical bottle test which determines the level of cat fines present in a representative sample of fuel oil, allowing the operator to identify the ingress of abrasive and potentially damaging components in the fuel oil before it enters the system.
The Cat Fines Test Kit is capable of identifying those fuel samples that have a cat fine concentration of >20 ppm (Al + Si), and which therefore exceed the limit recommended by ISO 8217:2012.
This kit is supplied in a durable aluminium case for easy transport.

Cat Fines Test Kit Brochure

Demonstration video

Power AC/DC Switching Adaptor 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.4A
Correlation Go / No-Go – 50ppm Reference
Test time 5 minutes typical - sample preparation 15 minutes centrifuge cycle
Casing This device is supplied in a durable aluminium case for easy transport.
Case/packaging size L=570, W=370, H=220 mm
Weight (incl. case and packaging) 8 kg
Manual The user manual for this device will be made available on product purchase.
Number of tests 25