Cold Corrosion Test reagent pack

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Consumables pack for the Cold Corrosion Test providing supplies for an additional 100 tests.
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500ml bottle CCTK reagent 1 (2)
500ml bottle CCTK reagent 2 (1)
500ml bottle CCTK reagent 3 (1)
1ml disposable syringes (100)
Disposable gloves (200)
Marker pen (1)
Econ Comparator vials and caps (20)

Consumables pack for the Cold Corrosion Test.


Parker Kittiwake’s patent pending new Cold Corrosion Test Kit is a quick, simple to use chemical test that provides an accurate measure of the parts per million (ppm) value of Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds in used scrape down oil. Rather than simply giving a figure for the total iron (including metallic compounds), which other tests provide, knowing the specific ppm of corroded iron allows informed decisions to made in adjustments to feed rates and the Base Number (BN) of the oil used. The quick test (<5 minutes per cylinder) allow rapid analysis of the whole engine. No long waiting periods are required to obtain accurate measurements. Coupled with tests to measure the metallic content (such as Parker Kittiwake's LinerSCAN or Analex Alert), the cause of high levels of iron can accurately be determined.
Used in conjunction with other onboard testing recommended by engine OEM’s, such as regular residual Base Number (BN) testing, an accurate picture of the operating conditions can be quickly determined and the correct course of corrective actions implemented. Parker Kittiwakes BN test kits and metallic wear debris meters make the perfect companion to the Cold Corrosion Test Kit.
This kits provides supplies for 100 tests and is supplied in a durable aluminium case for easy transport.

Cold Corrosion Test Kit Brochure

Case/packaging size L=470, W=270, H=400 mm
Weight (incl. case and packaging) 6.5 kg