EasySHIP DIGI+ Combined Kit

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The staple wet-chemistry kit for Marine and Industrial customers wanting to cost-effectively test for water in oil, BN, salt, insolubles and viscosity.
SKU: FG-K6-110-KW+


Reagent A ECON 500ml bottle (2)
Reagent C ECON 500ml bottle (1)
Reagent H 250ml bottle (1)
DIGI Cell Combined plastic (1)
Salt Test pads labelled (100)
1ml syringes (10)
5ml syringes (3)
10ml syringes (3)
EasyShip Test Agitator (PK3) (1)
EasyShip WIO Test reagent PK25 (2)
Chromatography Papers (100)
Disposable gloves (200)
Polypropylene test tube (1)
5in disposable tweezers (1)
1ml disposable pipettes (6)
100ml plastic beaker (1)
Stirring rod (1)
Visco Stick (1)
Case for VGC-4200/WAVIS (1)

Parker Kittiwake’s oil test kit range provides a complete set of economically priced equipment, with a level of accuracy suited to routine analysis. Oil test kits provide you with a condition monitoring tool enabling you to make informed operational and maintenance decisions about your critical plant and equipment. The ability to test on-site at the point of use enables engineers and facilities managers to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels and lubricants can identify potential problems, before they become critical.
This combined test kit has an easy-to-read digital display providing instructions and results, a five year (5000 tests) battery life and built in memory for recording previous test results. Enabling the testing for water in oil and base number, the Parker Kittiwake DIGI+ Combined Kit has become a favoured test method worldwide for on-site and on-board testing. This package that includes the ECON Tests for salt, insolubles and viscosity, makes this an all-encompassing condition monitoring testing kit.
This kit provides supplies for 25 Salt and Insolubles tests and 50 WIO and TBN tests. The kit is supplied in a durable aluminium case for easy transport.

Oil Test Solutions brochure

Power Battery life: five years (5000 tests)
Range 0.02-1%, 200-10,000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20%; 5-100 BN; go/no go; qualitative; go/no go
Test time 3 minutes
Casing This device is supplied in a durable aluminium case for easy transport.
Case/packaging size L=470, W=180, H=400 mm
Weight (incl. case and packaging) 5.5 kg
Manual The user manual for this device will be made available on product purchase.
Number of tests 25 Salt and Insolubles; 50 Water in Oil and TBN
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