Ferrous Wear Meter consumables pack

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Consumables pack for Ferrous Wear Meter providing supplies for an additional 500 tests.
SKU: FG-K30362-KW


5ml test tubes with cap (500)
3ml pipettes (500)

Consumables pack for Ferrous Wear Meter.

The FWM provides users with a quick, simple to operate method that measures ferrous wear debris in oil samples taken from a variety of types of machinery, including used cylinder scrapedown oil, gear boxes and bearings. Monitoring of ferrous wear levels with your oil samples on an ongoing basis allows any deterioration in machine condition to be quickly spotted and corrective action taken, saving you downtime and money, and preventing more serious damage occurring. The rugged, simple, easy to use instrument provides instant, accurate measurements of ferrous wear content on the units screen. Contained in a fully portable case, its rugged design is ideal for testing and analysing oil samples both on-board, in the field or in the laboratory.

Ferrous Wear Meter brochure

Case/packaging size L=470, W=180, H=370 mm
Weight (incl. case and packaging) 3.1 kg
Number of tests 500