Ferrous Wear Meter Grease Kit

£356.00 excl VAT
Kit to test ferrous wear debris in grease with the Ferrous Wear Meter providing supplies for 25 tests.
SKU: FG-K31307-KW


5ml pipettes (25)
Caps (25)
Plastic pockets (25)
Wooden sticks (25)

This accessory kit allows the use of the Ferrous Wear Meter to measure ferrous wear debris in grease. Only 5ml of grease is required to successfully run the test in just 3 seconds, offering a quick and clean solution.
The kit provides supplies to carry out 25 tests.

Ferrous Wear Meter brochure

Case/packaging size L=85, W=115, H=200 mm
Weight (incl. case and packaging) 0.31 kg
Number of tests 25